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 Shipping Policy:

Sky Nail Wraps is not responsible for orders shipped without tracking or without insurance. Non-tracking orders and non-insured orders are at the buyers risk and are non-refundable and non-replaceable. No exceptions. Sky Nail Wraps is not responsible for orders lost within the USPS network.

Insured orders are eligible for a refund when the following have been met: It has been 30 days from the shipping date and the post office has deemed the package lost.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee policy?

Yes we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you purchase wraps and do not like them for any reason we will accept a return within 14 days of receipt. We will require that all wraps are in new condition other than the first set the customer has tried. Customer is responsible for the return shipping cost, and the refund will be issued once product is received and inspected.

Are these nail polish?

Yes, these nail wraps are real nail polish. 

Average wear up to 14 days, depending on your activity

 Where are you based?

We are based in Virginia, United States.

Is Sky Nail Wraps cruelty free?

Yes, we are happy to say we have been cruelty free from day 1!

Is Sky Nail Wraps vegan?

Yes! We do not use any animal derived ingredients.

 How to Use:

1) Prepare your nails: remove excess oil with rubbing alcohol and gently push back your cuticles.

2) Select the appropriate size wrap for your finger and peel off the protective plastic film.

3) Peel the wrap from the backing and line up the rounded edge of the  wrap with your cuticle and press firmly onto your nail. (Try to avoid placing the wrap directly on the cuticle, as it may cause the wrap to lift away from the nail)

4) Smooth the wrap from cuticle to tip and from side to side, then fold the excess wrap over the tip of your nail.

5) Gently file off the excess wrap using downward strokes.

6) Finish your manicure by applying a clear top coat to extend the life of your wraps! 


~Avoid soaking your hands for 3 hours after applying nail wraps. The best time to apply is after a shower and right before bedtime so the adhesive can fully set. 

~Use cuticle snippers to customize your nail wrap fit after you’ve applied them. Removing any overlap covering cuticles will ensure the adhesive sets with no air pockets!

~Top coat is key! Not only will it add extra shine to your nails, it provides a protective barrier to keep the wraps in place longer.


To Remove:

Sky Nail Wraps remove easily with nail polish remover! Simply peel the wrap up gently at the cuticle and work the polish remover underneath to dissolve the adhesive. 

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